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Sept 27/2010 - In from Selwyn(Taff) & Jackie Kennard

I was recently put in touch with your web site by Tina Lowe and I have enjoyed going down
emory lane.  Ive scanned in a couple of photos for you to load on the web site.


Standing Left to right: Richard Jorgensen (DSO and Manager) Toby Tyler, Clive Acott, Peter Parker, Bagsy Baker(CPOPTI) Mel Sharp, Mike Keeble, Eric Mitchell, Taff Rawleson(?), Taff Williams

Front Row L to R: Brian Sullivan, Taff Lewis, Len Price, Taff Kennard (CPOCA) Bungy Williams, Terry Smith, Dave Yousef

July 19, 2009 - In from Bob Bruce: Hi, This a photo that Paul Kent sent tom me recently, thought it would be good to get listed, it was taken 1965/67, once again help with identifying people would be much appreciated.


(below) Another picture received from Paul Kent also I think worthy of inclusion, taken in 1965/7 Ron Barlett can be seen back last on right dressed in referees kit.. Help with names of the others would be much appreciated. Best wishes.

Ron Barlett can be seen back last on right dressed in referees kit

Update January 6, 2010 from Dr Phil Stannard - I am standing extreme left. Lots of happy memories. I also won the Mauritius Badminton open with a great civillian partner.
- regards Dr Phil Stannard.

In from Bob Bruce: (View the rest of Bob`s Pictures Here)

Football team 1965/7 anybody help with names please??

June 17, 2009 - Update from paul kent:
Regarding the photo of the football team 1965 1967 this photo is of the RN second team taken in approx nov 1965 I was the manager along with a mr pj fenney for all of 1965 i am on the photo back row extreme right in whites a photo of the first team was taken around the same time but i lost my copy and would love to have a c opy if anyone has one I still have my book listing all the players who played for hms mauritius during 1965 and all the results etc the player on the front row extreme left is writer thompson the player on the back row next to me is george lowe and the officer is sub lt atkinson who was the sports officer I am trying to put names to some of the faces. All for now pj kent - Thanks Paul

Can anyone fill in the blanks?
Hi there - I need help to fill in some of the players, the pic was taken in 1968,back row l to r wacker payne,????(soldier), derek webb?, george atkinson, roy wilkinson,trevor ????, ????9poma, front row les shelton,????(ab gunner in armoury) bob(wilbur) baillie, norman (jock) muir, bungy edwards,?????, and alfie hynes. thanks for your help
bob baillie. (click to see a better quality. pic)

Robert Baillie Football team pic

We have had an update sent in From : Michelle Jelley !

Message: Re: football photo players 1968... Back row - Wacker Payne,(soldier?),Derek Wenn,George Atkinson,Roy Wilkinson (my dad!),Trevor Newport,Nobby Newnham. Front row-Les Shelton,Harry Hooper,Wilbur (Bob) Bailey,Norman (Jock) Muir,Bungy Edwards,Brian Fuge,Alfie Hines...

Dad is still playing at 67 & wishing you all well. Happy reminiscing!!

FURTHER:Message : Re: football players photo 1968 - Dad (Roy Wilkinson) thinks the soldier back row, second left is called Mick but can't remember his surname. Hope this helps!

Malcolm `Tiny` Strong sent in these sports team photos:
comcen athletics team 1971
comcen athletics team 1971
UPDATE: 22/sept.08 - The commcen athletics team 1971 was in fact the daymans athletic team. I was a jack dusty(harry the bread) and I am pictured back row second from the right. I served 1971 - 1972 and met my wife who was an RO Celia Cobain. Thanks for the update `Harry`.

swim team 1971
swim team 1971

Mauritius Football

Serving on HMS Mauritius (a Communications Centre)
on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, 1967-69.
Picture courtesy of John Dickson (Referee in Picture)

( Picture from

Hockey 1st Team

Hockey 1st Team - Mauritius 1969

d watch hockey team

d watch Hockey team - mauritius 1969
(This is the largest available image, - YET)