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December 11/2012 pictures sent in by Keith Oldroyd:

"Keith Oldroyd was a school boy at HMS Mauritius 1973 to 75. Visited the old Naval Base while on Holiday 27 August 2012. Just gutted I could not find the old Naval school .



With Sheila Winwood


The Oldroyd Family at the Swimming Pool HMS Mauritius 11th Oct 1973 ..Mum (barbra) Tina, Keith (Me) and Trev — with Barbra Oldroyd, Tina Oldroyd and Trevor Oldroyd 


HMS Mauritius Naval Hospital ... Dad is middle row 4th from the right CMT Trevor Oldroyd.
Taken in 1974 I think
— with Trevor Oldroyd Snr 


Dad was Chief Med Tec at HMS Mauritius Navel Hospital ... 
Meeting Roy Mason on his visit in April 1975.— with Trevor Oldroyd Snr and Roy Mason Two Barnsley lads".


The Oldroyds on the front door step with mutley in Vacoas, Mauritius 1973 — with Trevor Oldroyd, Tina Oldroyd and Barbra


Dad with Richard Baker OBE Playing darts at the POs & CPOs Mess HMS Mauritius 
Richard Baker born 15 June 1925, Willesden, North London is a British broadcaster 
best known as a newsreader for the BBC News from 1954 to 1982. 


Nearly 39 years later sitting on the front step at the family house in Vacoas Mauritius ,where we had afew family pictures ... Where does the time go...

At the Le-Chaland Beach Club Mauritius 1974— with Keith,Trevor, Tina and Barbra Oldroyd

The Oldroyd family deploying to Mauritius ... Rome Airport 5 30pm ,8th Oct 1973 ..Plane delayed.. Much talking but little action .. First picture with New camera (left to right -Trevor , Mum (Barbra) , Keith , Tina and Dad (Trevor Snr)

The Oldroyds outside there house in Vacoas, we lived next to the police station... the house was owned by a Police inspector. — with Trevor Oldroyd, Tina Oldroyd and Barbra Oldroyd 

Keith Oldroyds School Photo in Mauritius 1974/75 With Jeff Bicknell, John Gorie, Steve Welsh, Amanda Bicknell, Norma Williams

Mum with our new car outside our home in Vacoas , Mauritius 1973/74 We lived right next to the Police Station in Vacoas with Barbra Oldroyd

Mum with our new car outside our home in Vacoas , Mauritius 1973/74 We lived right next to the Police Station in Vacoas with Barbra Oldroyd

The Oldroyd's at Le-Chaland Beach Club .. Mauritius 1975..— with Trevor Oldroyd Snr, Trevor Oldroyd and Barbra Oldroyd

The Oldroyds School Photo. Keith, Tina And Trevor Oldroyd HMS Mauritius Naval School  Photo 1974/75

At the Old HMS Mauritius Le-Chaland Beach Club .. Its now the Training station for the Mauritius Coast Guard. These used to be the old accommodation blocks where we stayed.... Had many a weekend and stayed one Christmas there ... Boy did we have it rough.

...Thanks for the pics Keith!