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Batch three - In from Mike Sinnott -
(Mike is ex-RAF, retired and living in Vacoas area of Mauritius).

Hi, I went around with my favourite taxi driver who remembers well the HMS life in his younger days. In fact, he showed me the houses in Jackson Road that were rented by RN personnel, they are bungalows located at numbers 17, 19, 21 Jackson Road. These bungalows still look good today because they have been renovated and are occupied.

My taxi driver, Ramesh, remembers that popular watering hole the Regent which has since gone and has been replaced by a shopping gallery with a "Way" supermarket on its old spot.
He tells me that building that housed Sam's disco is still there but run down, so will have to check that out on my next rounds.

If you do a comparison of the photo of Vacoas from Jeffrey Davies on your website to the recent ones I sent it is noticeable that years ago there was hardly any vehicles on the high street, just bicycles. Today Vacoas is gorged with vehicles and buses going through the high street.
Vacoas is no longer the quiet little place of years ago but a busy shopping area. It still has a long way to go to beat either Curepipe or Quatre-Bornes but development is there with new shops/buildings springing up. Best regards - Mike

The attached photo is of the cross-road just up from Dhuny's store, it is the Vacoas bus station. Here you can get buses to most places on the island. There is a "Blue Line" express bus service with modern airconditioned coaches between Vacoas and Port Louis, the cost is Rs 31 one way fare (see the middle bus in the photo). Some of the older buses on the island are still the "shake, rattle and roll" type!


The attached photo is a view down the Vacoas high street with Dhuny's store on the right. As you can see today's Vacoas is extremely busy and the traffic gets hectic for such a small place. The high street is full of shops and a couple of modern banks. I often do shopping for clothing items here and bargaining the price of items is still a tradition.


The attached photo is of the old Vacoas market hall. No longer used for that purpose as there is a new and much larger covered vegetable market just across the other side of this building. I believe that this hall is now just used as storage place by the municipality.
The photo is taken with my back to Dhuny's store.


After reading up some more of individual memories on your website, I felt it was necessary to send in the following photos of Vacoas landmarks. The attached is Dhuny's Store as it is today November 2008. After reading the memories on your website, this store has got to be a monument of commercial survivability! In today's Vacoas there are a couple of large modern supermarkets and yet Dhuny's has survived all these years. Anyhow, am sure that this will bring back memories to many of you.


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