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July 31, 2009 - Mike Sinnott, Our - "Man in Maritius" has sent some News from Vacoas:
Sad news from Dhuny Store; the son died suddenly on 5th August 2009 at the age of 64, his sister-in-law is now working in Dhuny store. I noticed that the visitor's book is still on the shelf with numerous signatures and memories from ex-HMS people. : (pic here) Regards Mike


This is Bhageerutty store as it is today, am told that the old man Bhageerutty used to do deliveries to HMS families.


The Market Hall, a Vacoas land mark has gone. This is now the view facing Dhuny store, the old Market Hall has been demolished to make way for redevelopment project.


In the Vacoas high street, Mexico store, as it is today.


Photo from Vacoas high street, facing Mexico store, just before you reach the cross-roads and the Savoy. Does anyone remember the name of the filling station? Could it have been The Golden Wheel ?

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