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Mike Sinnott, Our - "Man in Maritius" Has sent in his latest batch of pics - Cheers Mike!

Hi, Here I am again with another series of Vacoas photos. The one attached here is of Dhuny's Store. I met Dhuny-junior, the old man Dhuny died in 1998 well into his 80s. The son is now running the store but says that nobody in the family wants to carry the torch, so he may be the last generation. He has a visitor's book which is filled with memories and signatures of ex-HMS people during their holiday visits as well as photos. The store is still the same as in the old days. Photo of Dhuny's son inside the store.


Street view, Dhuny's Store on the right with a Casino next door !


The old Vacoas market hall. No longer used, the new market is across the street where the trees are in this photo. The new market is a huge covered but open one.


The casino. A new addition to the Vacoas landscape which has plonked itself next-door to Dhuny's Store. Vacoas boasts two casinos. The spot on the right would have been where the "Taxi 50" kiosk would have been.


The Savoy cinema on the crossroad in central Vacoas.


The Mandarin restaurant near the crossroads.


KT Fook Chong hardware store - probably a very long-standing Vacoas landmark.


Municipality of Vacoas-Phoenix. This is the town hall for the Vacoas and Phoenix district with it's coat-of-arms displayed.


The changing face of Vacoas. Modern shops being built and opening. The old is slowly disappearing. This is on the crossroads of central Vacoas, across the street from the Mandarin restaurant and the Savoy.


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