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In from Mike Sinnott - (Mike is ex-RAF, retired and living in Vacoas area of Mauritius).

I have been interested in the history of HMS Mauritius because the local people still talk about those days with fond memories. I guess many locals were employed at HMS Mauritius or had some sort of contact.

Unfortunately, many of the buildings are showing their age now. The original married quarters are still there but having compared them now to the photos on your site they are very run down. This is not to belittle the SMF who do a great job for the population here especially in times of cyclones. Probably due to a lack of budget from the government. However, some of the wooden colonial type buildings seem to have been renovated or painted so they still look splendid.

I have recently taken some Pics when going up that road for a public event at the Gymkhana, managed to take snaps through the gates etc.

I will forward soonest. I plan to take some more because I even found a small building probably a transformer for the electrical supply which still bears the marking "Admiralty". It is located on the St. Paul road close to the married quarters and would have been close to the old commcen.

Best regards - Mike - - Thanks for the great pics Mike!

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This is along the road, the building is now the public Vacoas (ENT) ears, nose, throat, hospital.
It is within the grounds and there are SMF facilities on either side. I wonder if this was the original hospital in your times??


This is another view of the ENT hospital


This is another view through the gate of "Warriors Rest" (SMF)


This is the right-side of the ENT hospital


View through the gate of "Warriors Rest" (SMF). Maybe you recognise the buildings and their original functions.


The "Warriors Rest" entrance.


The SMF main gate on the road. This area is at the top end, to the left of the married quarters, around where the comcen would have been. Was the canon an original ?


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