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Steven Ayling
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Simon Gurney
Petty Officer RN FAA Has sent in some interesting pictures and information - view Here

Keith Oldroyd
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Andy Hemingway
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David Smith
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PAGE TWO - YOUR LATEST PHOTOS (previous contributions)

July 31, 2009 - Mike Sinnott, Our - "Man in Maritius" has sent some News from Vacoas:
Here for more


June 8, 2009 - In from Bob Bruce, Thanks Bob.

Me on the balcony of our flat in Club Road before moving into married quarters

'Me on the balcony of our flat in Club Road before moving into married quarters'

View the rest of this series from Bob Here

May 10, 2009 - In From Mike Sinnott - Many will remember their favourite watering hole "The Regent" in Vacoas. The old building has long gone but the name was kept when a new shopping arcade was built on its location. The new Regent houses shops, a supermarket and a casino. Thanks Mike.

1) photo of the sign at the entrace for the casino, bearing the name Regent.

2) a street view of the new Regent building, taken with my back to the Mandarin (ex-Pagoda).

May 6, 2009 - Pics from Matt Shaw - Hi, hope you don`t mind a non-navy person visiting your site, but I found a couple of pics from my many visits to Mauritus that may or may not be of interest to you and your readers. Cheers.....Matt Shaw - Thanks Matt, pics always welcome!

smf mru

The first is a pic of the front of the SMF building which I took on my first trip to Mauritius in 1993 ( my in-laws are Mauritians from Vacoas). This is before the fence was put around the front and shows a couple of SMF chaps marching to their guard duties.

hms edinburgh port louis

Pic 2 is of HMS Edinburgh docked at Port Louis harbour in Jan 1997, visiting Mauritius during a tour of Africa. Was wondering if some of your readers may have been on board at the time.


A couple more pics of HMS Edinburgh in Port Loius harbour...pic one with Signal Mountain clearly in the background.


pic 2 shows some curious Mauritians looking at the helicopter on board.

8/Feb/09 - In from Steven Foster - Here are some snaps my Dad (Alan Foster) took. The pictures of Chaland (taken in 1964) and Port Louis would be taken on his first tour. The Gervaise pictures are of our house in Suffolk Close, and a location I can't identify. The swimming gala pictures were taken in 74 . - Thanks Steven.


Gervaise 1

Gervaise 2

Port Louis
Port Louis 1964

Swimming Gala 1974 - 1
Swimming Gala 1974 - 1

Swimming Gala 1974 - 2
Swimming Gala 1974 - 2

Swimming Gala 1974 - 3
Swimming Gala 1974 - 3

30/Jan/09 - In from David Lucas: Hi I was in Mauritius from July 1968 until July 1969 The Chaps in the Photo taken outside the VMs mess i cannot remember there Names .I Was Based At Bigaria transmitters . Found these these photo in my late Mothers House so it was a long time ago.In Fact i had My 21st Birthday out there . A very good Site brings back fond memories.
All the best EX REM Lucas. Thanks Dave! - click to enlarge any pic...




16/Dec/08 - Hi All, Back again with 2 photos of the Casa Maria in Curepipe. Still there after all these years. I am told this was transit quarters for many ex-HMS upon their arrival in Mauritius.
Best regards - Mike. - Vacoas



Latest photos from Mike Sinnott - (Batch 4) . Hi, Here I am again with another series of Vacoas photos. The one attached here is of Dhuny's Store... View all the pics Here


Batch three - In from Mike Sinnott - Hi, I went around with my favourite taxi driver who remembers well the HMS life in his younger days. In fact, he showed me the houses in Jackson Road that were rented by RN personnel, they are bungalows located at numbers 17, 19, 21 Jackson Road. These bungalows still look good today because they have been renovated and are occupied. View here


In From Andy and Maggie - How could anybody lose a big red shiny thing like this ? ANSWER - Take ‘D’ watch fire crew to the Regent for a forenoons training exercise in fire fighting. Give explicit and hands on live testing of types of quenching fluids, in other words give them some Tiger to drink so that no fire is too big to pi** on and put out. Then casually walk back to camp in the sunshine full of laughter and Tiger beer straight onto the afternoon watch.

Thats my version of the event but I don't think Ernie the Engine believed it.

I believe Randy is in the driving seat, Dave P and Jock W standing and I took the photo. 
How come none of us ended up as firemen in civvy street ?????  what do you think ?????

Take it easy guys Andy and Maggie


Any more like this out there? We`d love to get them...

In from Mike Sinnott - Hi, Here I am again with another batch of photos from ex-HMS Mauritius in Vacoas. I hired a taxi to take me around the grounds in the back lanes. I did not realise that the area of ex-HMS Mauritius was such a wide area starting from the edge of Vacoas high street/bus station to the Phoenix area. I saw many of the original buildings, houses. Of course in some cases I did not know what the original building was used for, fortunately my taxi driver had memories of those days and could in some cases inform me. It would seem that the kid's school has gone and made way for a new government school building.

Perhaps your people will recognise some of these houses, I was not sure if they could have been NCO or officer's quarters. The married flats now look very run-down, shame really.
- Regards Mike. View page 2 of Mikes excellent pictures here

This is a building further down in the area behind the hospital and near to the old prison area

From Mike Sinnott - (Mike is ex-RAF, retired and living in Vacoas area of Mauritius). - I have been interested in the history of HMS Mauritius because the local people still talk about those days with fond memories. I guess many locals were employed at HMS Mauritius or had some sort of contact. Read & see more


FROM JEFF DAVIES - Here are some more photographs taken around the camp mostly views, and some of Vacoas. One of My Wife, Myself and Daughter, the colour one are on a drive taken around part of the Island. Slideshow here - Page here


FROM SUSAN BAILEY - This is a photo of the wives club which my mother Barbra Bailey sent to me. Barbra was the sectary at that time, she is third from the left. I hope that some of you might remember a few faces regards Susan Bailey. CLICK HERE

Wives Club

In from Des de Souza...This is the first opportunity I have had to get these photographs posted.  Perhaps some of the members will recall the wedding and the guests from C Watch and friends.- Des.View all
Des de Souza Guests

UPDATE:10,Sept,08: - Paul Clark Writes: I have identified one of the "bar staff" in Des de Souza's picture.  The one on the left of Geoff Fergusson is me!!!!!! - Thanks Paul.

FURTHER UPDATE: 16/Jan,09 - From Geoff ferguson - Message : the picture of the three barmen was taken at Mick Arrow's wedding not des de souza's, the third member of the trio is jim donovan. hello to anyone who remembers me from 1967-69. Thanks Geoff.

Jason Cahill sent in these pics and says - -
Hi, Here are a few more pictures of HMS Mauritius, These pictures were taken by Barry Cahill in 1968. Barry was stationed at Mauritius for around two years until oct 1969, with wife Betty and son Darren. I am Barry's Son Jason, I was born in Vacoas on 30th December 1968. I went back to mauritius on honeymoon in 2003, found the camp and the hospital were I was born, and took pictures. Sadly, Dad / Barry is no longer with us as he passed away in April 2006. Had he been around, I know he would be regular visitor to the site, and keen to give any of his pictures. I am in the process of converting our family slides/photos into digital format, I will forward the 2003 pictures together with any others of HMS Mauritius that I find.
All the best - Jason. Many Thanks To Jason! View all pics here
View all of Jasons pics here

Eileen McMath sent in these photos and says - Hi Chris and Martin - just found the site and attaching a few photos taken in 2004 that may be of interest. I Have quite a lot of 'old' photos which I'm going to sort through and put on a disc - lots of good memories. Thanks Eileen - (looking forward to getting those photos when you sort em out). View the Slideshow
La Cambuse Beach Club.

Malcolm `Tiny` Strong sent us in this picture of a production of Dick Whittington from 1971. Anybody remember this one? Thanks Mac.

Dick whittington 1971
Mac`s other photos can be seen in "Sports & Leisure"

We arrived in May 1974 and left at the end of March 1976 when the Navy pulled out. I'm afraid I can't date these photos any better than that, but I'm sure somewhere out there we'll find other people who know more than I do! - Ian Hunneybell. View all the pics
Ian Hunneybell school pics

Hi, Attached are some photos (1969) that my father Bob Brundell took of LeChaland, the RN School(with kids playing Rounders) and a visit by Princess Alexandra to the hostpital. My father ran the Le Chaland Beach Club at that time and I also included a photo of him (maybe someone may recognise him).- Dave Brundell. View all the pics
Dave Brundells pics

These were taken at the fancy dress which must have been in 1968. I can't remember the names of most of the people in the pics.
Dave Thompson. Gallery
Fancy Dress 1968

Suee Bailey sent in this photo and writes: I am attaching a school photo I found. As Trevor Cook is the headmaster I presume it would be in 1968. Does anyone recognise themselves? Click for larger image.
School photo

View the Latest Pics sent in from Dave Thompson:
Gallery Here
Dave Thompsons Images

Chilli cakes... (Thanks to Chris Pearce for sending in this photo)
click to see large image
chilli cakes

Dave Butlers Pic

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