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Feb/9/2014 - New pics and info:

Well here goes, Finally got round to sorting this out.. Have a few photos which I will attach, but my history first.  I was lucky enough to be drafted to HMS in 1966 as a sparker and went straight into D watch where I stayed until April 1968.  My wife Carole and I were married in September of that
 year and originally  I was going to be victualled during my time out there but luckily all the other married's persuaded me to send for Carole which I did and she was out before Christmas 66.  I went straight on to the Majunga  CW cct as did all new bods,  then worked my way through the FX room, Naval Router and finally into the Rax (Racks)Bids room where I stayed until departure in 1968, definitely the plum job in the Comcen as the trick was to get all the other ccts to change tapes at the same time then nothing to do for the rest of the watch !!! As I remember the old Majunga cct was terrible as it took all night just to get a short grouper through due to bad reception.  We all used to moan about it until we were told that the poor

RAF signalman was stuck at the end of a runway in a little tent on his own and used a bike to get his signals !!!!  I never  knew where MAJUNGA was until recently I found out it was north west madagascar !!  I am not very good with names but some come to mind like Ron and Beth Ball, Janet and Trevor (Shiner) Wright,  Joe Ince,  RS's Elwyn Jones, Topsy Turner who I also believe lost his wife Angie whilst out there.  Carole and I were in the same block as Clubs Wilkinson, and Sheila and John Fawcett.  We were very good friends with Anne and Tony Williams (sadly crossed the bar),and Mel and Rachel Thomas (B watch), and Mel sadly has left us too.  Some of the faces in some of the photos look familiar but no names I'm afraid.

My time out there was cut short and I didn't complete my full 25 months as I was due outside in September 1968 and had to be home five months early to get all my leave in.  I was asked if I wanted to complete my time but I declined.  Looking back it wouldn't have made much difference would it but there we are.  Carole and I went back for a holiday in 2000 and was surprised how it has changed,  somewhat for the better but we preferred our time there when it was alot quieter and the beaches were empty. Anyway, here goes with the photos.  I have plenty but these are just for starters......   

David Millward

Gallery attached here:

20/Feb/2013 - New pics and info:

I served  in HMS from Sep 1967 to Seo 1969 as the Chief RS of the Commcen.  Had a great time and met lots of great people.

- Tony Cokes (Edit: Thanks for the pictures Tony)

Big Boys

Big Girls


Cokes and Ryan gang

Royal Visit

Ship Room


23/Jan/2013 - New pics and info:

Two boy cubs 1962   3 grenville road  im steve on left twin brother clive on right.
For info i saw our old rover in a previous picture. Father was Ltt. we sdleslie Ayling.


When i went back this open area had all been developed this was where we shopped that and Dhouneys and Fuk chongs ( the latter has moved to another location now) there was no NAAFI.

vacoas market 1961  may

1962 on the verandah 3 Grenville Road

Steve (left) and Clive Nov 1962 on the verandah 3 Grenville Road. about to go to the wedding of Lt. De La Plaine . He had a daughter named Susan and a son named David.

School Report

School report From Mr Ramsey......... The Head was Lt.Cdr Dick Woods I recall them very well.

20/Jan/2013 - Interesting new pics and information:

Please find attached the pictures of an old book I found here at hms sultan in the warrant officers and senior rates mess that was once at HMS Mauritius. Thought you'd like to know these are still important to us all these years later.

Simon Gurney
Petty Officer RN FAA

Ships Library Mauritius

Ships Library Mauritius

December 11/2012 New pics in from Keith Oldroyd - view all here

Keith Oldroyd

22/Jan/2012 Update: In from Andy Hemingway:

Hi, Have put a recent post on the forum about trying to find where I lived in Mauritius. With the help of Mike Sinnott I now know the house so will be able to visit it in April. In the meantime I've found some photos of our time in Mauritius which you are welcome to put on the site. I have no idea who the other people with my mother and father are in the dinner party photos although they feature in a number of photos I've found. Will anyone remember any of the children in fancy dress? Regards, Andy Hemingway - Thanks for the pics Andy


April 1970

Bryan Hemingway about to go shelling

Fancy Dress Party March 1970

Hemingway familiy at Le Morne May 1970

26/Aug/2011 - A picture forwarded to us by Robert 'Charlie' Chase - from David Smith.

a Christmas party at HMS Mauritius 1968_a David Smith photo

"a Christmas party at HMS Mauritius 1968" Left to right are:
George Hindmarch, John Monk, Rick Stenning, John Scaife, John's wife, Rick's wife, David Smith extreme right - unfortunately Kathy Briggs is hidden by David Smith.

Click here or the image to enlarge

11/April/2011 - Update:
Hi attached are a variety of photos from our time in Mauritius.
Regards, Jim & Elaine. - (cheers for the great pics )

Jim and  Elaine

Gallery Link here

October 1, 2010 - Mike and Ann Tierney Thank you for the memories.. Mauritius  – fond memories indeed. We arrived in early August73 as very young newly weds.  What a fabulous 27 month honeymoon. We returned to a very cold UK in November75 both having enjoyed our time. The best draft ever. (cheers for the pics and story!)

 Mike & Anns Pics

Click here to see all of the pics

Sept 27/2010 - Hi Chris and Mart, Just returned from two weeks in Mauritius.  Have a stack of photos but thought you might like to see a photo of Vacoas looking towards the market.  Photo to follow of me outside Flat 13 of the married quarters.

Regards - Keith White (cheers Keith!)



Sept 27/2010 - In from Selwyn(Taff) & Jackie Kennard

I was recently put in touch with your web site by Tina Lowe and I have enjoyed going down memory lane.  Ive scanned in a couple of photos for you to load on the web site.


I know who some of the ladies are but not all, they were the Wives Committee:  This is similar to the one you have already.

Back Row
Jackie Kennard
,  ??, Sandra Doyle,  ??

Middle Row
POGI wife, Sue Hardwick, ??, Eileen Perraton(Supply Officers wife),

Front Row
??,  Mrs Lucas(Captains wife), Terry Smiths(POPTI) wife.

Thanks for the memories. - Selwyn(Taff) & Jackie Kennard. (Cheers S&J!)

Please click here for the Sports team Photo from Selwyn & Jackie - The Rugby team 1975


Sept 13, 2010 - In from Paul Doyle:

Happy memories of Mauritius, hope somebody remembers some faces. I was an SA there 1975 until closure. regards Paul Doyle.

View Paul Doyle Pics
View all of the pics here

June 29, 2010 - In from John Nixon:

The following pictures were taken during my time in Mauritius between May 1973 and May 1975. I joined as an LREM and worked for a year at the transmitter site at Bigara, and then moved to the Comcen as a POREL to work as a watchkeeper in systems engineering. It was a very happy time for me and my family - my two sons, Philip and Christopher, were both born in the maternity unit in HMS. My daughter, Lisa, was 18 months old when we arrived. View all here

Bigara swimming team

February 11, 2010 -From Connie: I am sending you a photo of "The Norths and Capps being presented with our SMF shields by the Commanding Officer, Mr K Servansing, PMSM during our visit to Mauritius in November 2009". Cheers for the pic!

Click here or on image to enlarge

January 28, 2010 - Andy Lowe - Andy has sent in one more to trigger a few memories -
Band of 69'. Anyone you know?

Band 69

January 19, 2010 - In from Andy Lowe - I have finally tracked down and scanned in some of my folks slides. I cannot put names to many of the faces but hopefully it will arouse some interest and it will unfold in time. Good to see the site is still going strong. I have made contact with quite a few lost friends because of it. All the very best for 2010. Andy Lowe ( Dad was CPO CRE Speaky Lowe stationed at Bigara). - Thanks Andy...

Andy Lowe gallery

Click here to view slideshow

January 14, 2010 - In from Janice and Shirley White - We lived at flat 13 on the camp. Dad was CP0-GI, Don White or Knocker. Roy Wilkinson lived nextdoor with his family. Anyone remember the R.N. Bus which took us to the beaches and back and the sing songs on the way home? (Michelle Wilkinson (Photo 3) is the little girl on the wall.) Thanks for the pics!



Michelle Wilkinson is the little girl on the wall

January 2, 2010 - Some photos sent to me by Alasdair Ward, will get round to scanning some more and send them - Bill Downs. - Thanks Bill.

Jimmy_Billy_Iain Sue_R_Me_Kevin_Karen

Slideshow here

December 22, 2009 - UPDATE - Think that really is all now, (till I find some more)
Jeanette. Thanks Jeanette, Great pics, Who`s going to be the first to reply???

susan Julie and Karen

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December 19, 2009 - More pics in from Jeanette Nugent - I think Judy Kramer was a teacher at the RN School, we all went away to Ans La Rae camp for a school trip in January 1968, as I was one of the older ones, I went as "helper" although I doubt I was much help, and I think "twisty" went as a helper also, I think his real name was Oliver, and he played the guitar, but cannot remember much else about him. The photo of Susan Richardson and family was taken the day they left Mauritius to go back to England, The women all kitted out with new outfits from the  local dressmaker, I think her dad was an Officer.

Judy Kramer at Ans La Rae camp

View here

Updated - December 19, 2009 - More pics in from Jeanette Nugent - I suspect these will only be of interest to those who were teenagers in 1968. Apologies if any names spelt wrongly, Jeanette.

Gallery slideshow here

Updated - December 19, 2009 - In from Jeanette Nugent: Here are the first batch of photos, some official, others (mine) not so, these are all featuring my dad, Bill Godley, who was the MAA in Mauritius from Oct 1967 to 1969, I don't know if you knew him, but he died in 1986, probably due to all the duty free cigarettes! - Jeanette. Thanks for the pics!

Jeanettes gallery

View as a slideshow here

31-Oct -09 - Hi, Just a couple of pics for the minute - visit of the Army helicopter at The Chaland complex carpark - September 1968. Regards Jon Henville... Thanks Jon!

Army helicopter at The Chaland complex carpark

Army helicopter at The Chaland complex carpark

August 4, 2009 - Just in from Raymond Young -" Hi, The attached photo was taken when we lowered the flag for the last time. These are the last RN staff in Mauritious. With the exception of LRO Joe Ribaud (last on the right) all are S&S. We had been left on the island to dispose of the assets of the base. The married quarters were cleared and the contents sold by auction in the theatre. Vehicles not required anywhere else were sold by tender. The Tare system i sold as scrap to a local business man who dismantled it. The magnetic storage drums were the only things to be sent home. It was a bit strange walking around the deserted base and empty married quarters." - Brigham Young ex CPOSA - Thanks for the Pic!

300-lowered the flag for the last time

December 17, 2009 - Update From Malcolm Moss-Ward:

I was delighted to see CPOSA 'Brigham' Young's photograph taken after the flag was lowered for the last time. Just to add some names, left to right the three officers are Lt Cdr Phil Periton, Lieut Richard Jorgenson and me Lieut Malcolm Ward.
I first met my wife Senior Nursing Sister Pamela Moss while in Mauritius; when we married we joined our names. Pamela was a midwife at HMS and delivered Richard and Lynn Jorgenson's daughter Kirsten. Malcolm - Thanks for the update Malcolm!

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