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June 29, 2010 - In from John Nixon:

I was pleased to find your excellent site and have registered as a member now. The following pictures were taken during my time in Mauritius between May 1973 and May 1975. I joined as an LREM and worked for a year at the transmitter site at Bigara, and then moved to the Comcen as a POREL to work as a watchkeeper in systems engineering. It was a very happy time for me and my family - my two sons, Philip and Christopher, were both born in the maternity unit in HMS. My daughter, Lisa, was 18 months old when we arrived.

1st XI football team

The first photo is of the 1st XI football team (1974) as the Island champions. I am far right back row, and other friends I can name are Tony Lewis (next to me), Brian Moverley (next to Tony), Bagsy Baker (2nd left back row), Dave Yousef (left front row), Scouse Abley (2nd left front row) Pete Latham (3rd left front row) and Brian Welsh. After winning all our matches to get to this final, we were (gratefully) awarded the smallest trophy I have ever seen.

rugby team, 1974

The second picture is of the rugby team, 1974. There are too many to name but old friends will recognise themselves no doubt.

staff of the Comcen

The third picture shows the output (in the form of a darlek) of the day staff of the Comcen, built in our spare time. Clearly our planned maintenance on the equipment we worked on was up to date!

Bigara swimming team

The fourth picture is of the Bigara swimming team, which won the inter-departmental swimming competition in 1974. I am front left.

Defence Secretary, Roy Mason

The fifth picture shows me meeting the Labour Party's Defence Secretary, Roy Mason, who came to visit (picture is in Systems with our trusty and noisy teleprinters in view) as a prelude to closing down HMS. Unfortunately we couldn't convince him not to support closure!

my three children

The sixth picture is of my three children just after the birth of our youngest son, Christopher. Watching on are Lisa (3) and Philip (18 months).

Carol Nixon, and Philip Nixon

The seventh picture is of my wife, Carol Nixon, and Philip Nixon at Chaland.

Admiral Llewin

The eigth picture is of me talking to Admiral Llewin in the Electronics Maintenance Room of the Comcen on a visit he made to Mauritius (probably at the same time as Roy Mason).


The ninth and tenth pictures are of my son, Philip, who visited Mauritius in 2008 with his girlfriend. He is standing outside the old HMS hospital where he was born, and then outside our married quarter (see Below) as it now is (rather delapidated compared with its former immaculately clean appearance).

married quarter as it now

I have been contacted by one or two people already but would very much like to hear from close friends at that time.

Best regards, John Nixon.

...Thanks for the pics John!