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Interesting Bits & Pieces Relating to mauritius

Dirty work in the Indian Ocean:

A small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean was of such strategic importance that its whole population was expelled to make way for a military base. READ MORE

Anyone Remember the old Schoolie?

 Lt. Cdr. Richard K. WOOD, RN (Retd), (1924-31) writes from 84, Tor Lane , Hartley, Plymouth PL3 5TL (tel:01752 771263).
Newsletter - Spring 2002 - Issue 87

 I was in the Royal Navy (as a "Schoolmaster" later Instructor Lieutenant Cdr.) my last appointment was to HMS Mauritius (on Mauritius Island ) an RN Signal Station and where I was in charge and Headmaster of the RN Children's
School. This was an all-age school and I had to cope with steadily increasing numbers of RN personnel being brought out from UK , many of whom were accompanied by wives and children. The numbers in my school rose during my 2 years there from about 35 to 70. I also had to teach the ratings for RN educational exams, ETs 1 & 2, which were very elementary; to HET which wasequivalent to GCSE. It was mainly Maths, Science, Naval History and English. LINK

HMS Highflyer

HMS Highflyer (Shore Establishments) ......and here was a surprise! The Royal Naval Base at Trincomalee was commissioned on 1 July 1943, not in 1945 as many believed. The RN Base was paid off on 30th September 1958, and HMS Highflyer was re-commissioned at Welisara and Kotugoda on 1st October 1958. The two stations were known collectively as Ceylon West, being the transmitting station at Kotugoda and the wireless receiving station at Welisara. These stations were part of the Royal Navy's world-wide communication network and had direct links to the Admiralty in London, ionospheric conditions permitting! As well as dealing with naval signal traffic, they also provided a relay station for merchant ships' signal traffic. HMS Highflyer was finally decommissioned on 1st March 1962 after HMS Mauritius, (another shore station on the island of Mauritius), formally took over the responibility for providing the link with the UK.

Acknowledgements: The information above was kindly provided by the Royal Naval Museum, HM Dockyard, Portsmouth and by Mr Dennis Betty of Bristol, a Naval enthusiast and historian whose father served in HMS Highflyer during the action with Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. The editor gratefully acknowledges their help in providing this information.

HMS Mauritius - Comcen:  Seeking information about the history of the Comcen in Mauritius, from it’s inception, construction, and up to the closure in March 1976.  Info required to pass on to the CO of the SMF, who now inhabit the old messes and buildings. The CO is keen to know as much of the history as possible.  The CO & SMF were very hospitable during a recent visit, after a 29 year gap.  If you can help, contact CPO Gordon Trenell

Mauritius underwater group

The group was also given the use of a store room at the back of the H.M.S. Mauritius wardroom, in which the compressor and all club equipment was kept...
LINK and another LINK

We are still employed in Mauritius

Kevin McNamara (Kingston upon Hull North, Labour)  Hansard:
Photo of Kevin McNamaraKevin
To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what has been the cost in each year since 1997 of training military personnel from the security forces of Mauritius; and how many persons have been trained each year.

 Mike O'Brien (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Foreign & Commonwealth Office) Hansard:
Photo of Mike O'BrienMike
Records of exact numbers and costs for training military personnel from Mauritius are held centrally by the MOD and we were unable to obtain them in the timeframe available. A fuller answer will be given to my hon. Friend as soon as we can. According to the information available, since 2000, a total number of 78 members of the Special Mobile Force (SMF) of Mauritius have received training from the UK.

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Notes from Hansard 10 Mar 2003:
HMS Mauritius
Mr. McNamara:
To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many UK personnel are stationed at HMS Mauritius; and at what annual cost in the last five years.

Mr. Mike O'Brien:
HMS Mauritius was a Royal Navy Communications Centre in Mauritius. It was established under an Agreement on Mutual Defence and
Assistance that came into force on 12 March 1968 when Mauritius became independent. HMS Mauritius closed at the end of March 1976 and all personnel were withdrawn.

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