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New pictures and message in from Dave Millward: Feb 2014

Dave Millward Gallery

Well here goes, Finally got round to sorting this out.. Have a few photos which I will attach, but my history first.  I was lucky enough to be drafted to HMS in 1966 as a sparker and went straight into D watch where I stayed until April 1968.  My wife Carole and I were married in September of that
 year and originally  I was going to be victualled during my time out there but luckily all the other married's persuaded me to send for Carole which I did and she was out before Christmas 66.  I went straight on to the Majunga  CW cct as did all new bods,  then worked my way through the FX room, Naval Router and finally into the Rax (Racks)Bids room where I stayed until departure in 1968, definitely the plum job in the Comcen as the trick was to get all the other ccts to change tapes at the same time then nothing to do for the rest of the watch !!! As I remember the old Majunga cct was terrible as it took all night just to get a short grouper through due to bad reception.  We all used to moan about it until we were told that the poor

RAF signalman was stuck at the end of a runway in a little tent on his own and used a bike to get his signals !!!!  I never  knew where MAJUNGA was until recently I found out it was north west madagascar !!  I am not very good with names but some come to mind like Ron and Beth Ball, Janet and Trevor (Shiner) Wright,  Joe Ince,  RS's Elwyn Jones, Topsy Turner who I also believe lost his wife Angie whilst out there.  Carole and I were in the same block as Clubs Wilkinson, and Sheila and John Fawcett.  We were very good friends with Anne and Tony Williams (sadly crossed the bar),and Mel and Rachel Thomas (B watch), and Mel sadly has left us too.  Some of the faces in some of the photos look familiar but no names I'm afraid.

My time out there was cut short and I didn't complete my full 25 months as I was due outside in September 1968 and had to be home five months early to get all my leave in.  I was asked if I wanted to complete my time but I declined.  Looking back it wouldn't have made much difference would it but there we are.  Carole and I went back for a holiday in 2000 and was surprised how it has changed,  somewhat for the better but we preferred our time there when it was alot quieter and the beaches were empty. Anyway, here goes with the photos.  I have plenty but these are just for starters......   

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