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Hi, Here are a few more pictures of HMS Mauritius,
These pictures were taken by Barry Cahill in 1968. Barry was stationed at Mauritius for around two years until oct 1969, with wife Betty and son Darren.

I am Barry's Son Jason, I was born in Vacoas on 30th December 1968. I went back to mauritius on honeymoon in 2003, found the camp and the hospital were I was born, and took pictures. Sadly, Dad / Barry is no longer with us as he passed away in April 2006. Had he been around, I know he would be regular visitor to the site, and keen to give any of his pictures.

I am in the process of converting our family slides/photos into digital format, I will forward the 2003 pictures together with any others of HMS Mauritius that I find. - All the best - Jason.

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