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David Millward
Has sent in some interesting pictures and information - view Here

Tony Cokes
Chief RS of the Commcen 1967-69 has sent in some pictures - view Here

Simon Gurney
Petty Officer RN FAA Has sent in some interesting pictures and information - view Here

Welcome to HMS Mauritius - all about HMS & more

Welcome Aboard'Great, you`ve found us!
So what`s this site all about' ?

'Way back in 1968 I was 'drafted' to the Island of Mauritius (along with my wife Chris and our 2 year old son) to work at the R.N. Communication Station H.M.S. Mauritius - known throughout the island as just 'HMS'...

Throughout our time on the island we met, and made many friends, in particular the whole of 'D' watch (at that time) - including the local lads in the ship-shore commercial traffic room - the medical staff at the Naval Hospital where No.2 son was born (Sister Thundercliffe and Sister Alexander's names springreadily to mind). NAAFI staff in the shop, and serving 'Tiger' beer in the VM's bar and 'Batty' house near the swimming pool.  Also the very many ex-pats we met soon after landing on theIsland, and on taking up residence in the 'Casa Maria' Curepipe (our home for almost 12 months prior to moving to the married quarters at HMS).

If you spent time on that wonderful ‘Jewel of the Indian ocean` and would like to renew friendships, rekindle memories and, hear from those that you lived, worked schooled, & played with on the island (perhaps even those that still work, live and play on the island). If you had a part in the operation of the Comcen at Vacoas, the transmitting station at Bigara or the receiving station at TombeauBay from its commissioning until its closure in 1976 - Get in touch! Many of you have sent in great photos already and are posting your memories and stories, and some even posting recipies (see the chilli cake kid) on the Forum.

Please send in any Photos you may have, swing the lamp, and post your memories of the island and that of friends / oppos from the past.  Recall the ‘runs ashore’ to the Regent in Vacoas, and the regular off-watch jollies to the Beach Club at Le-Chaland, early morning ‘shelling trips and ‘Rabbit Runs’ to Port Louis, (and more).

News Update, 19th July 2016:

From Mike Sinnott

News from Vacoas: the old HMS hospital now called ENT Vacoas will probably be demolished towards the end of 2016. The government has allocated a budget to rebuild a new hospital building. The famous Dhuny store in Vacoas that served the HMS families has ceased business July 2016. The building will most likely be demolished. Therefore, a couple of Vacoas historical buildings will no longer be there when HMS families visit Vacoas in the future. Best regards, Mike.

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